About MRRC

The Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition formed in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MRRC has since responded to crises caused by climate change and failing infrastructure across the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition (The Coalition), is led by the People’s Advocacy Institute, the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, One Voice, MS, Jackson People’s Assembly, Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity (IJAE), Alternate ROOTS, Mississippi Moves, Operation Good, Strong Arms of Mississippi, Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, Southern Poverty Law Center, and over thirty partner organizations. The organizations that make up the Coalition were 1st responders during COVID and after the Winter Storm of 2021, providing needed resources to Mississippians in need. The Coalition has continued to be a rapid response provider during this latest crisis affecting the Capital City, providing drinking water across Jackson’s 7 wards and assisting those in need. The Coalition is working diligently to meet the clean water needs of the communities directly impacted by the deteriorating infrastructure in Jackson, Mississippi.


After more than five decades of neglect by the State, residents in older cities, like Jackson, have been forced to carry the financial burden of fragile infrastructure and have been exposed regularly to the health risks associated with the need for constant repair. In 2021, residents were under a boil water alert for at least 225 days. In 2022, boil water requirements continue to plague an already resource constrained population. These water woes not only impact the quality of life for Jackson’s residents, they also impact Jackson’s economy (schools, businesses, etc.), further strangling an already under-resourced city.


The Coalition is dedicated to raising resources to provide clean water to residents. We know that these rapid response funds are only a fraction of what will be needed to fix the infrastructure problems in Jackson. A lasting and long-term solution requires that the State government provide the investments they have willfully neglected to provide. In the meantime, The Coalition, which is made up of over 30 Mississippi- based organizations, is providing water relief to reduce the harm.